Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm neglecting my blog!!!! :o(

Booo!!!!  I'm so sorry for neglecting my blog in case anyone has been checking here from my youtube channel!  I really need to start connecting what I do here and what I do on my youtube channel.  On a positive note!  I got an early birthday present from my dad!  He got me the Sony Bloggie mhs-cm5 hd video camera... YAY!!!!  My dad is so awesome, I love him so much!  I had been eyeballing this camera for awhile because it seemed to have good reviews, good recording quality and was under $200 so it was a really nice surprise that my dad got it for me as an early bday gift.  So now it should be a lot easier for me to do some tutorials and such and just have overall better quality and no more lag in my videos. I have some new videos to edit and upload so I am working on those and I promise to keep my blog more up to date as well!!

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